I seriously don’t think a day goes by that I am not talking about, thinking about or eating blueberries!!! In my mind they are truly Mother Nature’s candy!! For those of you who don’t know, I am a big fan of Maine (home to the largest blueberry crop in the nation) so I guess it’s by default that blueberries are by far my favorite fruit!

Blueberries are a nutrient dense food, AKA a nutritional powerhouse!!! The pigment that gives blueberries their beautiful blue color comes from Anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants. It is these antioxidants that that are so important in protecting our cells from free radical damage. Blueberries are also a source of the antioxidant vitamin C which is helpful in supporting our immune system.

Due in part to their awesome fiber content, blueberries are also a healthy lower-glycemic carbohydrate - another good reason to add blueberries to your diet if you are in need of better blood sugar control. As with all foods, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so portion control is important here! Each 1 cup serving is 84 calories and provides four grams of fiber to help you meet your daily fiber intake goals.

There is of course nothing like fresh picked in-season blueberries (my favorites are from Maine as you might have guessed) however, the frozen varieties are quite wonderful as well! Often times, the frozen blueberries can be bought in bigger quantities, and as such are cheaper in the end (this is a great way to buy organic blueberries). They also last a lot longer than fresh and are terrific right from the freezer!

They are great in salads, as a snack, or of course in your smoothie (blueberries, unsweetened nut milk, slice of avocado & walnuts make a yummy smoothie)! So go ahead and enjoy some blueberries in moderation, as part of a healthy nutrient dense balanced diet! You’ll be glad you did :)