So Here's the Thing about SPRING

With Spring right around the corner there’s no time like the present to ‘clean up’ your wellness routine and become your best from the inside out!!! With the ushering in of Spring, we often experience a feeling of newness, lifting and renewal as the cold, dark days of winter subside. It’s a natural time of year to also implement healthy and supportive wellness habits and routines with the goal of being the best you EVER!

On paper, healthy wellness goals can seem simple, however, the actual implementation in real life can be challenging!!! With this in mind, it is important to focus on what you CAN do and achieve, rather than on what you cannot do. Think of the healthy choices as a lifestyle shift rather than a strict regimen. Healthy habits and lifestyle choices need to be sustainable as well as attainable to have a beneficial long-lasting outcome - In other words, consistency matters.

The Simple Principles

As a Health and Wellness Consultant, I am here to help. I specialize in working with busy clients in all stages of wellness. We will work together to implement long-lasting, integrative strategies that support optimal health and well-being. Together we will incorporate proven Simple Principles and sustainable best practices with regard to weight loss, optimal nutrition, detox, stress management and more. The question remains...Are you ready to ‘clean-up’ your health and wellness?? Well then - let’s do this!!! The goal is to get you to the BEST YOU through nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, because at the end of the day – You can’t expect change if you don’t make a change!!!

In Health and Wellness - Erica

Erica Accuosti