My path to becoming a Heath and Wellness coach has been wide and varied. I believe my journey began as early as my teen years when my gym coach thought that I might enjoy cross country forward to present day, and I am still running!!! It was crystal clear for me, even as a young teenager, to see the connection between healthy lifestyle choices, athletic performance and feeling well. I needed to learn more, so my first college degree was in Health Fitness. In the years to follow, I would veer away for various career opportunities, but always found myself being pulled back to the health and wellness arena and needing to learn even more!! Learning the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ is what drove me to nursing school to become a registered nurse. I then had the incredible opportunity to work in Integrative Medicine where so many of the pieces came together as I worked to gain a deeper understanding of true health and wellness from my brilliant integrative colleagues.

So what the heck is a Health and Wellness Coach anyway? I often tell people that my job is to look at your overall picture, taking into account factors such as: nutrition, physical activity, stress, career, relationships, and home environment as they all play a crucial role in our well-being. Listen, you can eat kale all day long but if you have other stressors at play that aren’t being addressed, true optimal wellness will be difficult to achieve. At the end of the day, a good Health & Wellness Coach should serve as a bridge between your wellness goals and achieving those goals. With this in mind, working together with a health coach and partnering to implement a solid, long-term, sustainable wellness plan should be the objective. Think of optimal wellness as a journey rather than a destination, and a health coach as the guide!!

Erica Accuosti