So Here's the Thing about EXERCISE

Often times when we think of exercise we conjure up images of strenuous, difficult and time consuming routines that are hard to stick with. I'm often asked about the importance of exercise and I always respond with "think FIT"Frequency, Intensity, Time. Frequency is obviously how often you exercise. Intensity is how hard (effort level) you exercise. Time is the duration of the exercise sessions. Of the three, Frequency is the most important - Exercise needs to be done regularly and become a habit! The benefits of regular exercising are staggering and too numerous to list. I would challenge you to re-think your exercise notions by focusing on the benefits and how great you feel after you finish your fitness routine. No one ever says I wish I didn't exercise today!!! A solid program with attainable and sustainable goals is what you should strive for - and there's no time like the present so let's do this!! Over the years I have helped many clients reach their fitness goals and I'm here to help you!  There's no time like the present - a free consultation is only a phone call away!!!