So Here's the Thing about BALANCE

Take a moment to think back to a time when you felt great, balanced and well. I would venture a guess that it was a time when 'things' in your life were balanced and these 'things' were your frame of mind, your body, and your spirituality - the proverbial equilateral triad of the mind, spirit and body. Often when we reflect on times of wellness we can identify factors that can be put into place again to get you to feeling and being your best. Over time, habits develop (sometimes not so great habits) and these can be very difficult to identify and truly commit to changing. A good health and wellness coach will not only assist in identifying these areas, but can also develop sustainable programs that will change those longstanding unhealthy habits.  Lifestyle changes can often be very difficult to pull off and stick with - that's where I come in as a Wellness Coach - Let's talk!!!