About Me 

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Registered Nurse - Integrative Medicine Focus

Health Fitness, BS

Owner Personal Trainer EDA Fitness

Athletic Coaching

Reiki II Certified

Client Centered Wellness


For as long as I can remember I have been conscientious of health & wellness. As a competitive athlete in high school and beyond, I learned that functioning optimally had many facets. Eager to learn, I began with a Bachelor's degree in Health Fitness,  practiced as an independent personal trainer for seven years, and then went on to become a registered nurse practicing in integrative medicine from the get-go! Through all of these experiences I have gained valuable knowledge of the importance of integrative wellness. In today's world of fast paced information overload it can be difficult to sort through all of it.  I am here to provide clear, sustainable, individualized plans for my clients. Whether you need to 'tweak' your current wellness regimen, or you are in need of an overhaul to transform your health, I am here to get you to your goals.  

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Contact Information: email: begreatfeelwell@gmail.com  Phone: 518-310-7565